Is Sami Zayn's return on the cards in WWE?

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Is Sami Zayn's return on the cards in WWE?

Sami Zayn, as we know, is no longer an Intercontinental champion in WWE. His title, made vacant due to his long absence, is being reassigned to SmackDown, but according to the news coming in about the Canadian from the United States of America, it is not expected to be as dramatic as someone has called it in the past.

The Underdog from the Underground has not been substantially talked about since he stopped attending the shows and Pay-Per-View (PPV), but the feelings he had when he complained via Twitter for the participants in the tournament that will reassign the belt have found confirmation: Sami Zayn, in fact, said that in his opinion the colleagues who are involved are not "deserving" of obtaining the title, in a declaration that had seemed decidedly made in gimmick and respecting a storyline.

Will Sami Zayn return? Will he regain the Intercontinental Champion title?

And in fact, it seems so: according to what reported in the 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter', in fact, whoever will be the next Intercontinental champion will face a feud with the returning Canadian, whatever the time needed to see him in action.

A rumour that, if confirmed, would perhaps definitively quench the fears that from this moment on life in WWE for Sami Zayn would become very complicated. Up to even foreshadowing a farewell to Stamford not far away. And that instead, less than two weeks after the loss of the title, it could be definitively averted.