*Spoiler* Live crowds returning for first time in months

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*Spoiler* Live crowds returning for first time in months

After reporting several news about WWE's willingness to bring an audience to its Performance Center in Orlando, despite the difficult pandemic period, WWE finally did it, with the last episode of Monday Night Raw that is finally gone broadcast with his beloved audience.

As reported yesterday evening, in fact, WWE had already had the idea of ​​bringing some of its talents from the yellow show as an audience to that of the Orlando PC, with what initially seemed just an idea and which instead was well soon turned into reality in the first episode of a weekly show useful for the purpose.

After the anticipation of Sean Ross, therefore, the official news finally arrived, with Monday Night Raw which appeared immediately different from the usual, with the ring and the ramp where the WWE wrestlers who were surrounded by plexiglass perform to allow the contact of the saliva between the public and the wrestlers and all the members of the public who remained standing all evening, without chairs and spaced more than one meter from each other.

The thing that seemed strange to many, in fact, is that the members of the Raw audience are nothing more than WWE NXT athletes, as confirmed by the promo of Kevin Owens who also called some of them by name, which therefore before entering the PC in Orlando they underwent the usual scrupulous health check of the WWE medical staff and were therefore declared healthy as a fish, before being able to enter the center of the federation.

Apparently, this is the future that awaits us in the next shows of the federation, with a gimmick similar to that of the AEW, which will bring much less nostalgia in the public for the great opportunities for fans who follow the event from home.