*Spoiler* WWE announces Rey Mysterio's retirement ceremony

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*Spoiler* WWE announces Rey Mysterio's retirement ceremony

Through the social media channels of WWE, it has been officially announced that a ceremony for the retirement of Rey Mysterio will be held in the next edition of Monday Night Raw. In recent weeks the Mexican superstar has suffered a heavy assault by Seth Rollins and has suffered a serious blow to the eye.

This situation led to the idea that Rey is no longer in a position to fight. In reality the truth is that the wrestler has an expiring contract with WWE and there are doubts about his contract renewal. Dave Meltzer says that Mysterio should stay in the federation, but at the moment there are no signatures and it is not known yet what could happen.

If Rey Misterio signs the renewal, then the feud will continue with Seth Rollins, otherwise it will be used on the model of how it was done with Matt Hardy in recent months with the company. According to sources close to WWE, the San Diego wrestler's farewell ceremony actually favors a feud with the Messiah.

Over the course of his time with the company, he has achieved sustained success, and is a two-time Intercontinental champion, two-time United States Champion, a four-time tag-team champion, a three-time Cruiserweight champion, and a three-time world champion.

He is also the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and has headlined several major WWE pay-per-view events. He departed the company in 2015 and then wrestled on the independent circuit, before returning to WWE in 2018. Per WWE, Mysterio is one of the most well-known and revered performers of all time.

Coming from a family dedicated to lucha libre, Rey Mysterio has always worn a mask in her appearances in WWE, the color of which changes from time to time, and contact lenses combined with the chrome of the dress worn.