Matt Riddle is Headed for Smackdown?

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Matt Riddle is Headed for Smackdown?

Matt Riddle is without doubt one of the most notorious superstars in WWE right now. Riddle is currently working for WWE NXT, which is still considered WWE’s developmental brand. Even though it is WWE’s developmental brand, WWE really believes in NXT and pitted it against AEW Dynamite.

Dynamite is All Elite Wrestling’s weekly show and both shows fight each other every Wednesday. Matt Riddle might be headed to Smackdown soon. Smackdown is one of WWE’s top brands. It was only a matter of time before we saw Matt Riddle being moved to the main roster, as he is quite popular.

PWInsider reported that his call up will definitely take place soon. According to some reports, Riddle was going to be called to the main roster before WrestleMania 36, but it did not happen. Probably those plans were scrapped.

Matt Riddle has already fought some of the best WWE NXT superstars and has proved to the WWE fans that he can fight very well. Riddle is also a former MMA fighter, so he can fight for real if he wanted to. That is the reason why he can pull off complex moves with relative ease.

Riddle is expected to finish his WWE NXT run soon. We do not know whether or not he will appear for his final match at WWE NXT or not. He should appear this Wednesday on NXT. He is scheduled to face Timothy Thatcher. Kurt Angle is going to be a special referee in the cage match.

The feud between the two wrestlers started soon after the pair lost their NXT tag team titles. That created tension between the two superstars and they started fighting each other over the period of a few episodes.