WWE moves AJ Styles to SmackDown: What is the plan for him?

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WWE moves AJ Styles to SmackDown: What is the plan for him?

Last week, WWE Universe fans remained fairly uncertain and doubtful about AJ Styles' move to Smackdown, after several months in which the former WWE Champion appeared on Raw's screens, having become a full-fledged Superstar of the red show after last year's draft.

Apparently, WWE no longer had a direction for the former enemy of The Undertaker to follow, once the feud with the Deadman was over and preferred to postpone Styles in the "house that AJ Styles helped build", passing the wrestler on the Friday night show.

To confirm all this, Michael Cole has also thought about it, who in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown made the athlete's move official, stating in front of the WWE cameras, how AJ Styles was definitively moved to Smackdown "also for future considerations"

What are the future considerations for AJ Styles?

At this point, however, what "future considerations" would mean exactly? To answer the question, the well-known site Ringside News has thought about it which, in one of its latest news, confirmed that yes AJ Styles is now to be considered a Smackdown Superstar, but it is also true that WWE does not yet have a plan clear on what the future of the athlete will be.

According to journalists of the well-known overseas site, in fact, WWE would have moved Styles to SD so as not to leave it to Raw without plans, instead of inserting it in the tournament to decree the new Intercontinental Champion with a formula that it has already used in the past, that of " Future Considerations"

At the moment there seems to be no update from the upper levels of the management, with Bruce Prichard and Ed Koskey who have not unbuttoned in any way on the former WWE Champion. According to Ringside News reporters, fans easily forget about reasons like this and therefore they may soon consider AJ Styles to be an effective member of Smackdown, without asking too many questions.