*Spoiler* Frightening accident to Kairi Sane during WWE Raw tapings

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*Spoiler* Frightening accident to Kairi Sane during WWE Raw tapings

As reported over the months, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has now decided to hold its weekly shows half live and half recorded, which means that the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment crew meets at the Orlando Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on alternate weeks to air one live show and to record the one to be aired the following week.

Recently, during one of these tapings, prepared for the occasion of Monday night, there was a match between Kairi Sane and Nia Jax, which was being recorded for the episode of next week's red show. At some point, after a bad fortuitous hit taken by the Japanese against the steel steps leading to the ring, the referee had to stop the match because the former WWE tag team champion athlete had suffered a bad wound on her head, starting to bleed profusely.

What Happened with Kairi Sane?

WWE would resume the match, which will now have to be edited. Pretty quickly, Nia and Kairi Sane went to the finish. Kairi made her professional wrestling debut in January 2012 for the World Wonder Ring Stardom promotion, where, over the next five years, she became a one-time World of Stardom Champion, three-time Goddess of Stardom Champion and a four-time Artist of Stardom Champion, while also winning the 2015 5 Star GP and 2016 Goddesses of Stardom Tag League.

Housako left Stardom in June 2017, after signing a three-year deal with WWE. In 2016, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter called Kairi Sane and her fellow Japanese workers Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani the "three of the best wrestlers in the world"