Tony Khan Thanks AEW Fans

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Tony Khan Thanks AEW Fans

All Elite Wrestling is one of the most popular professional wrestling promotions in the world. All Elite wrestling really started picking up in 2019. Their weekly show called, AEW Dynamite is one of the most viewed professional wrestling shows in the world.

AEW also hired a few of WWE’s best wrestlers. Many WWE wrestlers actually left or showed interest in joining AEW. The WWE even had to offer all of its talents brand new multi-year deals to stop them from leaving. Chris Jericho is one of AEW’s biggest stars right now, and he was one of the most influential WWE stars when he was working for WWE.

Tony Khan is the current AEW President. He admitted that AEW would never be what it is right now if he did not receive support from the fans. AEW’s recent PPV called Double or Nothing was a huge success.

Tony Khan on AEW Dynamite

"#AEWDynamite is life tonight on TNT at 8 pm ET/7 pm C!

We have a Battle Royal for the 1st shot at @CodyRhodes' #TNTChampionship, + @MATTHARDYBRAND & Young Bucks team on Dynamite for the first time ever, #InnerCircle Pep Rally, Mike Tyson is here, tv debut of Brian Cage + much more!" he wrote.

Khan also followed up by writing: "Thank you all who watched Double or Nothing & made it a huge success 2 years in a row! We've officially been in business for 1 year now & we owe it all to great fans supporting us + Kevin Reilly & our partners at WarnerMedia!

Good luck on the big #HBOMax launch today, my friends!" AEW recently managed to sign the legendary Matt Hardy and the talented Brodie Lee. They might not sign all the wrestlers that leave WWE, but they still have good indie wrestlers and established professional wrestlers working for them which helps them keep a very high rating.