WWE fires one of its most important writers

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WWE fires one of its most important writers

After the long list of talents, road agents, referees and office workers of the Stamford headquarters, WWE seems to want to continue making cuts on its staff, to try to mix the cards on the table and to shake up its shows, who apparently will still be orphans of his beloved audience for quite some time.

After the big releases in mid-April, with WWE going to lay off important people like Kurt Angle, Rusev, Mike Chioda and many others, WWE has done without one of its most important writers in the past few hours.

WWE fires one of its most important writers

According to what reported by the well-known F4WOnline site, in fact, WWE would also have released lead writer Chris DeJoseph, after an agreement that had lasted for several years between the two.

The chief writer, in fact, was removed from his role at Smackdown after returning from a period in which he had worked with other companies and other television programs, such as Lucha Underground or Big Brother. The well-known overseas site thus confirmed the writer's departure, writing: "Chris DeJoseph, who was one of the leaders of the Smackdown writing team, has been released.

No other details are currently available." After an idyll that lasted 13 years, with the writer who worked in the WWE backstage from 2005 to 2018, and then returned only a few months ago with the McMahons, his experience with the Superstars of the WWE.

The next pay-per-view, WWE Backlash, is scheduled to take place on June 14, 2020 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. It will be the fifteenth event in the Backlash chronology and the first Backlash since 2018.

After the newly reinstated WWE brand extension took effect in 2016, Backlash returned as a SmackDown exclusive event as a post-SummerSlam event on the same year, while the 2017 edition of the event still remained SmackDown-exclusive event and returned to being a post-WrestleMania pay-per-view event, paralleling Raw's Payback.

In 2018, Backlash was a dual-brand event. The scheduled 2019 event was canceled and replaced by Stomping Grounds, but Backlash was brought back in 2020.