SmackDown: Jeff Hardy's brush with drunk driving makes a storyline appearance

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SmackDown: Jeff Hardy's brush with drunk driving makes a storyline appearance

WWE has decided to use some real and private facts from the life of one of its Superstars and made it part of a storyline. This becomes increasingly clear as the hours have passed since SmackDown aired and that Jeff Hardy's situation is enriched with new details.

The episode of the blue show aired on Friday night saw the Charismatic Enigma protagonist of a car accident at the start of the show, complete with an arrest by the police for drunk driving.

Jeff Hardy's personal life spills into Storyline

This is a problem that has repeatedly occurred in Jeff Hardy's real life, so as to raise the doubt that it could have been an episode that was not agreed with the management.

The way in which it was presented, however, made it clear to the overwhelming majority of the public and critics that the whole segment was simply the result of a storyline (moreover, criticized by many, given the delicacy of the topic).

WWE itself seems to have partially reversed its stance in the meantime, given that several hours after the show aired, it stressed that Jeff "was released by the Orlando law enforcement after successfully passing the alcohol test."

In short, Hardy's problems of sobriety were simply simulated by WWE, which went on to opt for this solution to preserve the SmackDown segment and also the respectability of the athlete. Jeffy Hardy, in his career, has won six world championships.

In 2008, he also won the WWE championship. In addition, he is also a two-time WWE heavyweight champion and a three-time TNA world heavyweight champion. Lastly, he has also been a four-time Intercontinental Champion with WWE.