Alexa Bliss blocks well-known troll for crass comments

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Alexa Bliss blocks well-known troll for crass comments

The world of web wrestling, like all the rest of the internet, is full of myriad "strange types", who among many things annoy many users, especially the most famous ones, such as WWE Superstars. This time it was the WWE Tag Team champion, Alexa Bliss who was at the receiving end of such trolling.

It was also precisely because of incorrect and even deleterious behaviours of these subjects, who are often called trolls, that 22-year-old wrestler Hana Kimura committed suicide.

Alexa Bliss Trolls the Troll Back

After the saddening story of the Japanese wrestler, accused and insulted on social networks by several trolls who are now cancelling their tweets for fear of some retaliation towards them after the young woman's suicide, yet another bad web-related story has arrived.

Bliss was at the centre of a discussion of a troll, who compared her performances in the WWE rings with those in bed. Angered by the crass comparison, the WWE athlete who thundered on her Twitter profile: "Normally I ignore his ignorance Bc all he wants is to be recognized by bashing me...

but ex freaking Scuse me, sir???... HOW DARE YOU discredit my work in such a disgraceful way." The troll in question is a personality of the IWC and responds to the name of JD had, in fact, compared the bad work by Alexa inside the ring with the equally bad performance that she supposedly had in bed with a potential partner, with the "joke" that really angered the WWE wrestler, who promptly blocked him from the well-known social network, as Alexa Bliss admitted shortly after the crime.