John Cena on the USA unrest: "Be more diverse and less divided"

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John Cena on the USA unrest: "Be more diverse and less divided"

In the last few days, the whole of America has ended up becoming the epicentre of a real media hurricane, after the killing of George Floyd, an African-American who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The incident drew criticism from many celebrities, including John Cena. Regarding Floyd's death, this is what is said to have happened:

John Cena's call for unity

Floyd was arrested by the local police. However, in a mobile phone video that emerged, a policeman was seen kneeling on Floyd's neck for around seven-eight minutes.

The pressure on the victim's neck started affecting him after a few minutes, and Floyd kept repeating he was not able to breathe. Then, he first lost consciousness and later died in the hospital transfer. Although the first autopsy analysis did not find anything unusual, many in the USA are accusing the policeman of murder.

These also include several celebrities, including actors and singers. WWE stars, too, have had harsh words about the incident. After Paige's comments, former WWE Champion Cena thought about trying to relax the minds. After the latest clashes across the USA, he tried to make the police and protesters see reason, with his tweet, with a usual calm and serene tone: "Be more diverse and less divided."

Obviously, John Cena's reference is clear about the clashes that are taking place in different cities of America, after numerous press reports have declared some news about the death of man, among those who divide themselves in favour of the force that uses the American police and those who have sided with the defenceless, who have now been arrested.