UFC's Colby Covington challenges WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

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UFC's Colby Covington challenges WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

After the first challenge launched against the WWE Champion just a month ago, Colby Covington insists, challenging once again with very bright tones the winner of the Royal Rumble and current absolute champion of Monday Night Raw: Drew McIntyre.

After making sure he could beat McIntyre, the former UFC welterweight champion, he raised the bar in his latest interview with journalist Ariel Helwani.

Covington on Drew McIntyre

"Drew McIntyre not only disrespected me, but he also crossed a line," Covington said.

"Let's be honest, we're in quarantine. It's kind of hard to find people. Normally, I can find people. Everybody knows that. When I wanted to find Dana White, I went and found him. I went to the blackjack table at the Palm, and I confronted him about losing my title shot.

Drew McIntyre, he's lucky it's quarantine right now. It's hard to find people. I don't know where anybody is going to be. I don't know what's going on in the world because the world's not right, but I promise you.

When things get back to normal, I'm gonna go find Drew McIntyre, I'm gonna hunt him down and take his soul out of his body." Most likely, these challenges, which apparently could be a mere publicity stunt by the UFC or by the WWE itself, with both companies benefiting from this, could also hide something more than just a chat with a Journalist.

In recent years, in fact, several MMA athletes have landed in the McMahon rings, among many: Ronda Rousey, Cain Velasquez or Alberto Del Rio, all three with an important past on the MMA octagons, even if in very categories or experiences.

different from each other. Upon returning to WWE's main roster in 2018, Drew McIntyre won the Raw Tag Team Championship with Dolph Ziggler, became the winner of the 2020 men's Royal Rumble match, and defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36, while also becoming the thirty-first Triple Crown champion in the process.