An old stable was reportedly set to return at WWE WrestleMania 36

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An old stable was reportedly set to return at WWE WrestleMania 36

WWE attempted everything in the Wrestlemania 36 edition, after having had to move its event that is the flagship of the whole world of wrestling from the Tampa Bay Stadium to the Orlando Performance Center. This measure, like all those that followed the number one pro-wrestling event in the world, was taken by the federation because of the pandemic that hit the USA as the rest of the world, obliging wrestling and sports companies, to do without the very important public that follows their events.

In spite of everything, WWE still managed to put in full an edition of the historical show, even if some sensational surprise was cancelled on the eve of the event.

The Nexus was supposed to return at WrestleMania 36

One of these sensational surprises, in fact, would have seen the return on stage of the Nexus, former NXT stable led by the ex federation Superstar, Wade Barrett, who according to one of its members, Darren Young, should have returned to WWE shows right at 'Mania.

In his latest interview with The Dropkick Podcast, the former McMahon tag team champion revealed: "If the Nexus had returned, who knows what would have happened? We were scheduled to return to Wrestlemania, but hey friend, yes, right in this year's edition of Wrestlemania, in Tampa."

Although the wrestler didn't add anything in his interview about what Nexus should have done in Wrestlemania, it is very likely that the stable should have only taken part in the match between Wyatt and Cena. In the first historic Firefly Fun House match, the leader of the Chain Gang relived all the most important moments of his career and among the many visas, the Nexus debut was missing, which immediately after the riot created in Raw attacked the main eventer of the red show, John Cena.

WrestleMania 36 received mostly positive reactions from fans and critics. While it was noted that the event suffered from the absence of a live audience and a poor lead-up (partly due to a number of wrestlers being pulled from the event shortly before its filming, mostly in relation to the pandemic, including Roman Reigns, The Miz, Andrade, and Dana Brooke, all of whom were slated to defend or challenge for championships), most felt that WWE exceeded expectations.

The Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches were singled out as highlights due to their uniqueness and over-the-top tone, while the male world title matches were criticized for their short length and overuse of finishers.