Kevin Smith on AEW and WWE Running During Pandemic

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Kevin Smith on AEW and WWE Running During Pandemic

All Elite Wrestling and WWE are two of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world right now. They have some of the best professional wrestlers in the world working for them. Some of the wrestlers are open to working during the pandemic.

That is the reason why WWE and AEW can still operate during the pandemic. Many people are actually against WWE and AEW holding shows during the pandemic. The promotions are actually holding events in empty arenas though. That does not mean that the performers are 100% safe from the virus.

Kevin Smith, the famous comedian, was on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. He spoke about what he through about AEW and WWE operating during the pandemic.

Kevin Smith on AEW

"I think everyone looks for a welcomed distraction at this period.

To have a life as disrupted as it's been for some people, it's always welcome to find some aspect where it's, 'Oh, at least we still have this.' So with wrestling coming back early as it did, never once was I like, 'This is WRONG' especially since they said there wasn't going to be a crowd," said Smith.

"I'm no wrestling expert, but having been to one match live, I felt like the crowd was absolutely indispensable. They created the passion and enthusiasm. They are the third person on the canvas, more so than most live interactive experiences I've seen.

"When I heard they were coming back without audiences, are you suddenly viewing it through a completely different prism that makes you go, 'You know? I'll wait.' So far, it doesn't seem to be the case.

Everything I saw on social media said they were happy to have it even with this empty arena version," stated Smith, about AEW.