Shane Helms on WWE Banning the Buckle Bomb

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Shane Helms on WWE Banning the Buckle Bomb

Professional wrestling is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. One wrong move can instantly end the life of a professional wrestler or leave him/her paralyzed for life. The Buckle Bomb is one such move. Many superstars over the years have sustained such injuries.

Most notably, Paige, Sting and Edge had to end their careers shortly after being injured. Edge has since then made his return. However, Paige has not yet made a return and we do not expect to see her return to the ring anytime soon as her neck injury was quite bad.

Shane Helms on the Buckle Bomb

A number of dangerous moves were performed by many professional wrestlers over the past few years. Speaking of the Buckle Bomb, it is the move that ended the career of the legendary wrestler, Sting.

Some moves are extremely difficult to execute properly and the receiver needs to know exactly what to do to land safely and avoid getting injured. Shane Helms is a former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Professional Wrestler.

He is best known for his work as The Hurricane, Gregory Helms and Hurricane Helms. Helms was also a part of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) where his ring-name was Sugar Shane Helms. He became part of the WWE when the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF) took over the World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Helms is a former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) cruiserweight champion. He was a mid-card wrestler and fought for a number of different promotions after he left Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. He now usually works as a producer.

Shane commented on the Buckle Bomb being banned recently. Shane wrote, "I did the Vertebreaker, arguably the most dangerous move in the business and never hurt anyone. ??????? It's not the move, it's the execution."

Kairi Sane got injured after Nia Jax threw Kairi into the corner. It caused a concussion and a neck injury. Kairi is out of action and we do not know when she will actually make a return. There is a chance that Jax is simply an unsafe wrestler and she is injured numerous wrestlers over the past few years.

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment has a list of moves that are banned and no wrestler can perform them, and now the Buckle Bomb – as mentioned above – too, is part of this list. That is the reason why we see only some moves performed in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) that we never see in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.