*Spoiler* NXT's Dominik Dijakovic to be called up to Raw

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*Spoiler* NXT's Dominik Dijakovic to be called up to Raw

In the last episode of Smackdown, Kurt Angle had the honor of presenting the new NXT athlete passed on the main roster, precisely in that of Smackdown, which responds to the name of Matt Riddle, who apparently will not be alone in the big jump.

The former NXT tag team champion, in fact, will soon be an integral part of the roster of the blue show, after a great stint in that of the third WWE brand, that of Wednesday evening, which as you all know by now goes live against Dynamite of the AEW, every week.

In this growth project, as we said, Matt Riddle will not be alone, with the leadership of the federation led by Chairman Vince McMahon who would have already thought of the next name that will make the "big leap" after the former MMA fighter, this but turns to Monday Night Raw.

NXT superstar to be called up to Raw

According to what reported by the usual Wrestling Observer, through the words of the punctual Dave Meltzer, WWE would have identified in the name of Dominik Dijakovic, the new star to bet on in the main roster of the federation, with the reporter who in fact declared: "Dijakovic will go to Raw.

I don't know when, but most likely soon." At the moment, the plans of the management regarding this other shift are not yet known, with the situation of the same Riddle that still appears unclear, being early to begin to sum up what we will see in the two main WWE brands with the their new wrestlers.

After Matt Riddle, therefore, WWE will once again focus on its future with an NXT Superstar, with Dominik Dijakovic who will be called to a new and wonderful adventure in the rings of the McMahon federation, in a situation never seen before for him.

Following WrestleMania 35, he was set to feud with NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream over the championship. However, in April 2019, he injured his knee, resulting in a torn meniscus that would require surgery. He would be out of action until late July, when he returned at an NXT live event.

On November 13, 2019 episode of NXT, Dijakovic joined Team Ciampa for the annual WarGames match with Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle and Keith Lee against The Undisputed Era at TakeOver: WarGames. Riddle proceeded to leave the team to pursue his rivalry with Finn Bálor.