WWE cutting pay for most referees and producers

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WWE cutting pay for most referees and producers

In recent months, Coronavirus has completely changed our habits. Contagions, problems in society and economics have particularly characterized our last 90 days (approximately) and not even the world of wrestling, including the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has emerged unscathed from all this.

The absence of the public and many other problems have created serious economic damage and Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment has been forced to drastically cut its budget. On April 15th Vince McMahon's company released several talents from its show.

Another cost-cutting measure comes to WWE

In the coming weeks, Vince McMahon's company plans to make new cuts to save money. The compensation of the members of the Board of Directors will also be reduced and several things will change over the next few months.

The federation is also trying to reduce expenses by shooting four television programs in one go, programs with a total duration of 10 hours that become valid for several days. Among other things, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment has decided to temporarily postpone the decision to move its headquarters, currently to Stamford.

Initially, this step was to take place in six months, but members of the federation said it will take significantly longer to make this transfer. Wrestlers will also suffer from this problem in the future and it will be difficult to review the big fees of the past: from now on Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) goal is to reduce costs and also the fighters will be affected by these cuts.

The wrestling organization has continued to produce events in 2020 while major sports around the country have been suspended the past few months, with local authorities deeming Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) an "essential business."

This has included Pay-Per-View (PPV) events such as WrestleMania 36 and Money in the Bank, both filmed at the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, without fans. An interesting facet of this is a previous Dave Meltzer report stating that if wrestlers are asked to take a pay cut, the terms of their WWE contracts allow them to become free agents, thus freeing them to negotiate deals with other groups. There's no word on whether or not this applies to the referees and producers.