The real reason why WWE banned the Buckle Bomb

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The real reason why WWE banned the Buckle Bomb

The Buckle Bomb has recently entered the list of moves that Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has decided to ban forever, after the recent case in which Nia Jax did it poorly, causing a potentially serious injury to Kairi Sane.

According to what is rumoured by America, however, this would not be the real reason that led the management of Stamford to take this decision, linked instead to some episodes from the past of Seth Rollins. The story was in fact analyzed again by Dave Meltzer, who spoke about it on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio', telling how the episode of the last few weeks and who saw the Japanese Kabuki Warriors as "victim" and as the "executioner" the Irresistible Force actually represented only the last drop of an already overflowing vase.

The expert journalist has remembered how the Buckle Bomb had entered the centre of criticism already in 2015, when in fact it involved the sudden withdrawal of Sting, but also in 2016 when he forced the first Universal Champion in history, Finn Bàlor, to give up on the belt after a one-day reign.

And in both cases, the athlete was the most technically prepared athlete like Seth Rollins, who at the time was bitterly criticized by an all-time champion like Bret Hart.

The reason why WWE banned the Buckle Bomb

"Everyone knew that the Buckle Bomb ban was only a matter of time for what happened in Sting – explained Meltzer.

In fact, I was very surprised that he hadn't banned it back then. Many people have long wanted it to be abolished and many were fighting for it to happen. The accident of Nia Jax with Kairi Sane was therefore only the classic drop that made the vase overflow," According to Meltzer in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), wrestlers were still allowed to carry out the Buckle Bomb, with the belief by the company chief Vince McMahon that if even one accident had occurred then the definitive stop would come.

This is exactly happened after the Raw match between Nia Jax and Kairi Sane, leading to the now banning of the Buckle Bomb. Many have criticized WWE's decision to ban the Buckle Bomb. These include former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) cruiserweight champion, Shane Helms.