MVP on getting angry with Shad Gaspard: "I was embittered with him"

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MVP on getting angry with Shad Gaspard: "I was embittered with him"

Just a few days after Shad Gaspard's tragic death, the talent of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), MVP, returned to talk about the famous video in which he and Shad got excited about Kofi Kingston's victory in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Championship in Wrestlemania 35.

After long days in search of the friend's body, which we all hoped could emerge from the waters of Venice Beach still alive, the longtime friend of the whole family of Shad Gaspard, MVP, wanted to talk about the video he shot for weeks, he and his friend were moved by Kofi Kingston's victory to claim the Smackdown title after 11 years of honoured career in WWE.

Gaspard, however, decided to make their reactions public and posted it on social media. It did not go so well with MVP.

MVP talks about getting angry with Shad Gaspard

"I was really embittered with him for doing that thing, yes," said MVP.

I felt bitter because it was a totally private moment. It was not for public use. It wasn't for the dirt sheet, or anything else, you know, I know that Shad has always been very ambitious and he has always liked social media and all these things, so at the beginning, I immediately told him 'don't put this me **a for I like.'

It was a moment. I was simply angry about this and wanted to let him know. I hit him and I said 'me **a friend', When I saw the answer the video had and saw the people who saw us and said those things, I also understood what it meant to them and to us to have Kofi winner of the WWE Championship " Despite the brief anger, therefore, MVP and Shad Gaspard quickly made peace.

MVP, now, is among those left bereaved after Gaspard's untimely death in a drowning accident at Venice Beach, California, in May 2020. Gaspard's 10-year-old son was rescued in the same incident. The full ring-name of MVP is Montel Vontavious Porter.

The 46-year-old was born Alvin Antonio Burke Jr. but converted to Islam, and changed his name to Hassan Hamin Assad, while incarcerated in prison.