*Spoiler* R-Truth pins Gronkowski to win the 24/7 Championship

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*Spoiler* R-Truth pins Gronkowski to win the 24/7 Championship

Even tonight at Monday Night Raw, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment gave its fans some great surprises, with the title 24/7 changing ownership once again, with the change of hands Rob Gronkowski to the new champion R-Truth.

Once again, like this, the 24/7 multi-champion returns to make "his daughter" his own, after several weeks in which the football athlete was not seen on Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) TV screens, for various other commitments outside the federation, after his sensational victory in that of Wrestlemania 36, in his second day, on April 5th.

Gronkowski, is a former NFL-player-turned-wrestler.

R-Truth wins the 24/7 Championship

Yet another R-Truth victory came in the home garden of Rob Gronkowski, where the wrestler and football player were preparing to record a "viral dance" video, a mysterious unknown gardener pinned him with a quick roll-up, with Gronk's friend who turned out to be an official WWE referee.

Obviously, the gardener who until then had remained with his face covered, arousing some doubts on the part of Gronk, however, turned out to be the ex 24/7 multi-champion, R-Truth, who thus conquered one more turns his belt, just a few days before the next WWE ppv: Backlash.

We do not know at the moment if there are already plans established by the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment for the 24/7 champion in the next ppv, or if the feud with Rob Gronkowski will continue still but it is very likely that from now on we will see the holder of the 24/7 Championship very more often in the weekly episodes of Monday Night Raw.

During his WWE career, R- Truth won the WWE United States Championship, and the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Tag Team Championship (with Kofi Kingston). In 2011, he was elevated to main event status, headlining the Capitol Punishment Pay-Per-View (PPV) against Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion John Cena.

R-Truth also formed a tag team with The Miz, called the Awesome Truth, facing John Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series. In the years that followed, he was used as a comedy wrestler and primarily wrestled on the undercard until 2018, when he teamed with Carmella to win the second edition of the Mixed Match Challenge. He then captured the United States Championship for a second time in January 2019.