*Spoiler* What consequences after the accident between Nia Jax and Kairi Sane?

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*Spoiler* What consequences after the accident between Nia Jax and Kairi Sane?

Once again, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE's) former Monday Night Raw champion, Nia Jax, ended in a storm due to the injury that The Rock's cousin allegedly caused to her colleague, Kairi Sane. As reported in recent days, in fact, the imposing athlete of the red show had inadvertently thrown her colleague against one of the corners of the steps that allow athletes to enter the ring, causing a flashy and dangerous cut on the Japanese head.

Obviously, it all happened during the recording of their match immediately after the episode of Monday Night Raw which went live last week, with the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment crew who once finished the live show, continued to work to produce the one recorded for this week.

Kairi Sane's injury after Monday Night Raw

Obviously, since the match was being recorded, as soon as the experts saw such a copious quantity of blood, they immediately stopped the match, with the Japanese former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) tag team champion who was promptly "patched" by the medical staff, which blocked the blood flow in a few seconds.

But exactly, what did Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) broadcast about this incident tonight? The answer came "live", with the match between the two athletes who after the accident outside the ring, was expertly cut and sewn by the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) editing staff, who obviously removed all the parts related to the injury.

After suffering the terrible blow, in fact, the Japanese was allowed to finish her match, which obviously was however completed in a hurry, to try to safeguard as much as possible her already precarious health. After her return to the ring, in fact, Nia Jax pinned Kairi Sane after a Leg Drop, which thus closed the contest at best and better, without going too long.

For much of her career, Jax has used a Samoan drop as a finisher, dubbed "The Annihilator" After her return from injury in April 2020, Jax began using Cradle DDT, named the Rampage DDT, as a finisher. She was given permission to use the move by former wrestler Paige, who previously used it as her finisher.

She also uses the nickname "The Irresistible Force" Following the Nia Jax-Kairi Sane bout, the WWE also put an end to the use of the "Buckle Bomb" move.