WWE considering another NXT call-up to main roster

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WWE considering another NXT call-up to main roster

After the sensational landing on Friday Night Smackdown's TV screens for the former NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle, for the moment only presented in the last episode of the blue show by the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, who had also been designated by the WWE as his next manager, except to back down at the last minute, now the time of the main roster for NXT Champion Adam Cole should have arrived.

According to reports from various overseas press, WWE has been thinking for some time of moving the absolute champion of the yellow roster on Wednesday evening, in one of the two main shows on Monday evening or Friday evening, with its landing on the main roster that would be imminent.

Adam Cole close to WWE main roster

To give a further update in this matter, the Wrestling Observer has always thought of it, this time by the words that the site has entrusted to its journalist Bryan Alvarez, who for years has been guiding the greatest rumors of the entire panorama of the pro- world wrestling, together with colleague Dave Meltzer.

In one of the latest Observer newsletters, in fact, the well-known journalist said: "I expect that in the next 6 months (Adam Cole editor's note) he will definitely be called on the main roster." Although currently there is still nothing certain, nor would there be any plans from the management to remove the title to the NXT champion before his official passage in that of the main roster, it is still clear that his destiny is now marked.

In recent weeks, rumors have also circulated that he wanted the champion of the Undisputed Era on a collision course with the WWE, after the appearance of a photo of the NXT Champion in the company of several AEW athletes, at a party of colleagues from the second federation, where Adam Cole's girlfriend still works.

The photo obviously went around the world, with many rumors around the fact that they would like Adam Cole to refuse a renewal with WWE at the end of his contract and the possible inclusion of the All Elite Wrestling in the negotiation.

However, Adam Cole remains firm in his very important place at NXT, with the WWE that could soon send him to the main roster to give more importance to his wrestler, so as to satisfy him in all ways, driving away from the ghosts of the AEW, whether rumors or not, she is always ready around the corner to blow some great McMahon talent.