Jim Ross criticises WWE for banning Vicky Guerrero

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Jim Ross criticises WWE for banning Vicky Guerrero

In the last few weeks, a well-known face on WWE TV screens, the wife of the late Eddie Guerrero, Vickie, made her debut on the All Elite Wrestling shows, with the WWE going on a rampage for the umpteenth jump of the barricade.

After spending several years in the main transmissions of the McMahon family company, Vickie Guerrero had indeed become Smackdown's General Manager, not even counting her appearances as "wrestlers" on several occasions, including matches in Wrestlemania, more precisely in Wrestlemania 26.

Apparently, this move seems to have annoyed WWE leadership, with Vince McMahon and associates literally banishing the wife of the Mexican legend from all future secondary episodes of the federation television screens.

Jim Ross attacks the WWE on banning Vickie Guerrero

In response to WWE's move, however, WWE Hall of Famer and the head of the AEW commentators sector, Jim Ross, who in his last speech to the microphones of his personal podcast, Grilling JR, did not wait to be polite, and compared the WWE manoeuvre with that of the famous Disney Mickey Mouse.

He said, "Why would Mickey Mouse do such a thing? Do you want to keep her out of your Youtube shows? Did she say something by chance? derogatory about your brand? Not a damned word... It makes me almost incredulous that we are even talking about things like this...

cannot be true. Vickie wouldn't have said it would have been cut otherwise, whatever that meant. What she meant was that she probably won't receive any offers or bookings from them anymore. She had probably not been in a contract with them for some time, but this is truly a childish one.

I am embarrassed, even at the thought of what happened, after all that she has given to the company. He did somersaults for them for three years. He has been a significant character on television as new talent like WWE hasn't had it in years."

The words of the WWE legend, Ross, which are not very good at seeing how the federation treats its former performer Vickie Guerrero after it dedicated itself body and soul to a mission that initially was not even her very words, but those she still knew how to carry on at best.