Ahead of Backlash bout, Nia Jax faces critics' ire

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Ahead of Backlash bout, Nia Jax faces critics' ire

Nia Jax has long been in the eye of critics' storm, for a very aggressive style of wrestling that has caused physical problems to several colleagues over the years (since the famous punch that caused a head injury and a facial fracture to Becky Lynch).

The last "victim" of the Samoan has been Kairi Sane, twice as close to a major physical problem, so much so that the feeling is that even in WWE the discontent is growing around the figure of Nia Jax, who is the cousin of WWE star The Rock who made a successful transition into an acting career under his real name, Dwayne Johnson.

Nia Jax: For years in the eye of the hurricane

If, in fact, among the fans and in particular in the social world the attacks on Nia Jax are not new (often even going well beyond the borders of good taste), now it seems that even within the federation the Irresistible Force as a problem.

This is, at least, what Bryan Alvarez said, who during a recent edition of 'Wrestling Observer Radio' received a message on the phone from one of his sources inside the WWE: a message with decidedly heavy and severe tones.

Alvarez did not want to reveal the identity of the sender, but he read aloud the message, which sounded roughly like this: "The fault is Nia's, one thousand per cent. She should be fired...! It is dangerous, send her away before she slaughters or kills someone."

The statement also had abuse directed at her. In short, really hard words against the one who in Backlash will go on the assault on the title of female champion of Raw, facing the titleholder Asuka. And that even the last episode of Raw, procured a dangerous cut to the Kabuki Warrior, Kairi Sane, which even the WWE decided to edit by not airing it in the final version of Raw made matters worse for her.

The using of the Buckle Bomb which led to the injury also led WWE to decide to remove from the manoeuvres allowed on its rings. But this new episode may have really generated a very heavy air around Jax. Meanwhile, despite this latest incident involving Nia Jax, WWE's rival company – the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) – still has not blocked the use of the Buckle Bomb.