Road Dogg Praises NXT Talent

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Road Dogg Praises NXT Talent

Road Dogg recently praised an NXT superstar recently. Road Dogg is a former member of one of the most popular Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) groups of all time called Degeneration X. Degeneration X revolutionized professional wrestling in the 90s and kickstarted the Attitude Era.

Many people believe that the Attitude Era is the best period in the history of professional wrestling. Road Dogg is no longer an active wrestler but he stayed with the company for a very long-time. He worked for WWE as a producer until recently.

He is no longer a producer. As a producer, he used to be involved in the creative process. He reportedly quit as he didn’t like Vince McMahon making last-minute changes to his creative work.

Road Dogg Praises Dexter Lumis

Road Dogg was on the After The Bell podcast which is hosted by famous former professional wrestler, Corey Graves.

He stated that Dexter Lumis is the best upcoming character at NXT. "Well, I think Dexter Lumis. He's right out of the gate, but right out of the gate interesting as a character, and people want to know more about him," Dogg noted.

"As a human being, he's a great guy with a lot of really cool talents, and so we'll be getting into those, but again, it wasn't me. It was a team effort. "He was one that I got really interested in, and I went way too far with [him].

I had a licking people in a rear chin lock. Lick people in the cheek. You see what works and what doesn't work. It's easy to reel it back in. In professional wrestling, many people believe that a professional wrestler’s character and mic skills are actually more important than his/her in-ring ability.

That is one of the reasons why wrestlers such as The Undertaker remained relevant for a very long-time. The Undertaker’s character is what made him stand out and he even performed at WrestleMania 36 even though he is quite old," said Road Dogg.

Road Dogg's career has canvassed across World Wrestling Federation (WWF) that eventually became Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The 51-year-old, whose real name is Brian Girard James also had a notable stint in Total Non-stop Action (TNA) and several other wrestling circuits.