WWE’s plan for live crowd at Backlash

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WWE’s plan for live crowd at Backlash

In recent months, WWE, like all the other pro-wrestling companies in the world, the American AEW, the Japanese NJPW, the PWG or the Mexican AAA, have had to do without their beloved public, which is always what it puts more pepper in the various live shows, because of the problems related to the pandemic of the virus that is still gripping the whole world, forcing several companies to stop and some even to close.

After staging two huge PPVs without the live crowd, Wrestlemania and Money in the Bank, with truly unique ideas, such as the Money in the Bank Ladder match from the Titan Towers of Stamford or the first Firefly Fun House match in history, for not to mention the first Boneyard match between Undertaker and AJ Styles, WWE may have found a new remedy for the next paid event on its calendar: Backlash.

WWE’s plan for the live crowd at Backlash

Apparently, the gimmick had in the weekly shows by the WWE management, where the highest in the federation have preferred to insert the NXT athletes as an audience, just as done already several times in recent weeks also by the All Elite Wrestling, would be Vince McMahon and associates liked it so much, that he wanted to use this scenario also for the next PPV of the federation.

This change in the PPV will begin right from the next Sunday event, NXT In Your House and then with Backlash, the following week. As reported by the Fightful overseas website: "NXT wrestlers have been called to be in the public of NXT In Your House and then WWE Backlash, in addition to the tapings already seen of Raw, Smackdown and NXT."

All the athletes of the yellow show who are not involved in any great storyline or who in any case have no commitments during the week or the federation PPV, instead of staying at home doing nothing, will all be used as a live audience by WWE, replacing fans who are not yet able to take part in events but avoiding leaving empty stands and arenas.

Backlash was originally scheduled to take place in Kansas City, Missouri; however, the event had to be moved due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like WWE's other shows since mid-March, Backlash was moved to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, though unlike the previous shows, Backlash was not announced until after the start of the pandemic, which made it WWE's first event to be announced during the pandemic.

The event continued annually until 2009, which was the final event until 2016. It was brought back that year following the reintroduction of the brand extension, where WWE again split its roster between the Raw and SmackDown brands, represented by the shows of the same name.

The event then continued annually until 2018 where it was replaced by Stomping Grounds the following year but was brought back for 2020. The 2020 event will be the fifteenth event in the Backlash chronology and feature wrestlers from the Raw and SmackDown brands.