WWE ‘doesn't see anything’ in Bronson Reed

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WWE ‘doesn't see anything’ in Bronson Reed

In the last episode of NXT that aired only tonight, there was a great angle that saw the "destroyer" of the yellow show, Karrion Kross and his colleague Bronson Reed, with the attack of the NXT giant that is served almost exclusively to send over the assisted Scarlett Bordeaux, who is still at the beginning of his stint in WWE as a monster heel.

Apparently, several insiders and fans have seen us a great skill by Bronson Reed in this angle, with the big boy who has been compared to several other much more experienced colleagues, but who apparently has not yet convinced WWE leadership to give him a push.

Despite the great performances carried out by the boy from the yellow show right from the start, after his debut on the Wednesday evening show, the management still does not consider the wrestler's work as worthy of the top floors of the card.

WWE ‘doesn't see anything’ in Bronson Reed

After several great matches with "4 or 5 stars", in fact, several insiders have noticed the excellent skills of the plump boy of NXT, who as reported by Dave Meltzer's words in the latest Newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, would not have moved in any case nothing on the upper floors of the federation.

At the moment, in fact, after the angle that saw Reed being brutally attacked by Kross, there would seem to be no more plans for the boy. In his last speech to the microphones of the WON, Meltzer has in fact declared: "Bronson Reed has shown he has something."

But none of them (WWE leadership) seems to have noticed it "Apparently, the hard work of a wrestler, every now and then repays even the slightly more unknown and mistreated talents. If already a huge American and international site like Observer has started to talk about Bronson Reed in this way, it is likely that sooner or later WWE and its management will notice the great qualities of the boy, who may be sooner or later will be included in a great storyline in that of NXT.

Bronson Reed spent 12 years working throughout the Australian independent circuit. While wrestling in Australia, Rock earned numerous titles. He is a former three-time Wrestle Rampage Australian National Champion, former one-time Explosive Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion, former one-time Pacific Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, former one-time Heavyweight Champion, former one-time Professional Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion and a former one-time Melbourne City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, one-time Intercommonwealth Champion and one-time Tag Team Champion.