WWE NXT Star Jaxson Ryker in Trouble for Supporting President Trump

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WWE NXT Star Jaxson Ryker in Trouble for Supporting President Trump

It is reported that tensions between Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) NXT Star Jaxson Ryker and the WWE locker rooms are rising after Ryker recent tweet in support of President Donald Trump. The tweet read, "Thankful for the @POTUS we have!

God bless America. Built of freedom. Forgotten No More." A number of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) stars and WWE criticized the Jaxson Ryker for supporting Trump on Twitter. This is according to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE and AEW Stars 'Fuming' over WWE NXT Star Jaxson Ryker Tweet in Support of President Trump

It was stated that Ryker cannot be fired for voicing his opinion but the locker room is extremely angry at him for supporting the current President and he might receive some strong words in the locker room.

Trump has been rallying his supporters after the entire country erupted in protests following the death of African-American George Floyd by a policeman. Even though some superstars openly criticized Ryker, a number of them didn’t say anything.

According to the Observer, most superstars still did not approve Ryker’s Tweet as most of the world at the moment is against President Donald Trump. We do not know whether or not the WWE will actually go head with The Forgotten Sons' gimmick.

He made the tweet under his character name and even left his signature catchphrase at the end. Due to George Floyd’s death, many people started rioting on the streets of various US cities. Many people believe that Donald Trump actually laid the foundation for violence in the US.

They also believe that Trump himself is a racist and does not care about the minorities that are in the US. Most of the people on social media are quick to shut down anybody that speaks in favor of Trump as most social media platforms are dominated by leftists.

George Floyd’s death has also been attributed to police brutality against minorities that is a huge concern for people in the US. We do not know how much of this will affect Jaxson Ryker’s career. It is true though that WWE cannot fire anyone for voicing his/her opinion. The people inside WWE’s locker room can bully Ryker though or simply choose to not talk to him.