*Spoiler* Update on Elias' status

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*Spoiler* Update on Elias' status

As seen extensively at the beginning of last week's penultimate episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Elias was hit by Jeff Hardy's car outside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, with the accident that would have caused damage to the Drifter's physique WWE, which would have been immediately transported to the emergency room near the WWE show recording headquarters in Orlando.

At first, Jeff Hardy was immediately accused of having run over his colleague, after the surfacing of the fact that the rented car was registered to him and after finding empty bottles of alcohol inside the passenger compartment, with the police who could not help but arrest the first suspect of this affair.

After subjecting him to the alcohol test, however, it turned out that the former WWE Champion had not drunk even one glass, with the police having to release Jeff Hardy that same evening and with the hypothesis that therefore someone could have set him up, after stealing his car and staging an accident, with a completely drunk Jeff Hardy.

Update on Elias' status

Apparently, this storyline that would be only at its beginning, has already seen the birth of a very important feud between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus, who is the one who tried to frame him, stealing the car registered to Hardy and investing Elias, with the minor of the Hardy brothers who had already cleared himself several times for what happened in the parking lot of the Performance Center.

But in all this, how is Elias doing? To give some medical updates on the situation of the WWE "singer", Michael Cole directly thought about it live last night, where during the episode he said that Elias will be out of the scene for at least a couple of months, after being hit by Sheamus, with The Drifter which has in fact reported the laceration of some ribs and of the pectoralis muscle, which will force him to stay still for at least 60 days.

Obviously, everything is the result of a storyline that indirectly involves Elias, with the wrestler who is not yet sure if he will be able to return to the scene before these 60 days or if he will appear only at the end of this angle on the WWE TV screens.

Prior to joining WWE, Elias worked for various companies on the independent circuit under the names Heavy Metal Jesus and Logan Shulo. In 2018 the album WWE: Walk With Elias was released by the WWE Music Group featuring Sciullo.