Famous WWE Star Daniel Bryan Talks About Depression

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Famous WWE Star Daniel Bryan Talks About Depression

Famous Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Daniel Bryan recently spoke about his depression issues on an episode of Total Bellas. Daniel Bryan made two comebacks during his time in WWE. Bryan was the most popular star about four years ago.

He retired twice before making his final Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) return after suffering multiple concussions. In the episode, Bryan went to a Shaman with Brie Bella. After the episode, many fans wanted Bryan to speak about his depression.

Bryan revealed that two books helped him cope with depression. Those being Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari and The End of Mental Illness by Daniel Amen.

Daniel Bryan Opens Up About His Depression Problems

Bryan then spoke about visiting a Shaman to help him get rid of his depression. "I think you should go see somebody that you connect with to talk to about depression and understands it," Bryan said.

"Why the shaman specifically works for me is because I have a natural guard up against therapists. I've never gone to a therapist where I've felt in tune with the therapist. When I went to the Shaman — it's weird because we've got cameras around, but midway through, even before we went into the sweat lodge, I wasn't even thinking about the cameras being there.

"That struck me very differently than any therapist that I've ever gone to, but some people relate well to therapists, so it's important to find a mode of healing that works for you. That doesn't mean you'll be magically healed or anything like that, I still struggle with depression.

You may still struggle with depression, but you have to keep trying, not only for yourself but for the people you love." Daniel Bryan was pushed very well by Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He even had a big feud with Triple H and The Authority, which was a top heel group at the time.

Bryan is also a former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion and was one of the best Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champions in the past decade.