Famous WWE Star Angel Garza on Eddie Guerrero’s Style

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Famous WWE Star Angel Garza on Eddie Guerrero’s Style

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Angel Garza recently stated that his style is by no means influenced by Eddie Guerrero. He spoke to Planeta Wrestling about this and made it clear that he wants to be as original as possible.

Angel Garza is a Mexican professional wrestler. Eddie was one of the reasons why Mexican wrestling is so popular these days.

Angel Garza Clearly States that His Style is Not Influenced by Eddie Guerrero

"Zero influence.

Absolutely nothing," Garza affirmed. "I watched Eddie, Rey and Psicosis matches, a lot of them, but I followed my uncle too. But trust me, the things that Eddie did in the past hasn't got any relation with my character.

When you are authentic, when you make a character like what you want, I think is when you start your climb and achieve some success. "When you start to imitate something that someone did or is doing, that is the moment when a superstar doesn't give his 100% because he's thinking what the other superstar is doing.

I'm enjoying so much my character. I haven't been influenced by Eddie, but if I've been influenced by someone, it has been by my uncle. I do several things paying tribute to him, like my trousers' reference or my moonsault.

There are two or three details that I do pay tribute to my uncle, but I think that nobody has influenced how I have built my character." Eddie Guerrero is still considered one of the most influential Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers of all time.

Even though his career was cut short due to his tragic death as a result of an overdose at the age of 38 in 2005, he still achieved a lot in his career. Angel Garza is one of the many NXT stars that may become huge superstars in the future.

Many superstars that we see these days are actually former NXT stars. Many NXT stars went on to become Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champions and are now very popular. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are examples of such superstars. The 27-year-old Garza joined WWE (NXT) in 2019. He won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.