Spoiler on Shayna Baszler's current status in WWE

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Spoiler on Shayna Baszler's current status in WWE

After a great feud with the former Monday Night Raw champion, Becky Lynch, the former yellow roster champion Shayna Baszler, seems to have literally disappeared from the Stamford federation television screens, after a huge major feud with The Man, who has also brought the two to a match valid for the absolute title of the red show in that of WrestleMania 36.

After several commercials and angles with a very high entertainment rate, with Ronda Rousey's friend who in one of these segments had even bitten Seth Rollins' future wife behind her neck, making her bleed profusely, Shayna Baszler seems to have been literally ousted from all floors of the women's category of the WWE Monday evening show.

But exactly, what is the reason that drives the former WWE superstar to this long absence?

Spoiler on Shayna Baszler's current status

To answer these questions, the well-known overseas website Fightful thought that, in one of its latest news, reported the fact that WWE would have no plans for the Queen of Spades and would therefore simply put aside her character from all the storylines currently on the card of events of Monday evening.

According to what was leaked from the well-known site, in fact, Shayna would not have remedied any injury, nor would she have any personal problems of any kind, which would force her to be absent from Monday Night Raw episodes.

The reason behind her absence is to be found only in a simple booking choice and that sooner or later we will see her again in the Raw ring. Recall that her last on-screen commitment was when Shayna Baszler made a promo against Becky Lynch and the announcement of her pregnancy, where she said that surely the little boy that Becky will give birth, "will suck" like the parents, receiving a great heat from WWE Universe fans, which is exactly what the management wanted for this segment and its character.

Shayna Baszler was signed in 2013 by the UFC to participate on their reality television series The Ultimate Fighter — she would go on to have two professional bouts (0-2) in the company. In 2015, she was granted her release by the UFC and started her professional wrestling career that same year, again receiving training from Barnett. Baszler has an overall MMA record of 15 wins and 11 losses, with 13 wins by submission.