WWE's Elias out for months

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WWE's Elias out for months

In the last few weeks, one of the storylines that have most intrigued WWE fans is that which has involved Elias, Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. Elias was recently hit by a car in Smackdown and Jeff Hardy and his alcohol problems were initially blamed.

There have been many controversies about the affair with several wrestlers inside and outside the federation of Vince McMahon (Chris Jericho and CM Punk in the first place) that have criticized this choice, due to the problems of Jeff Hardy, accused in the past in reality driving while intoxicated.

It was later specified that the attack actually came from Sheamus and that Jeff Hardy was also a victim of this particular and strange situation. All the controversies at the Performance Center have consequently vanished with the continuation of the storyline, but The Drifter will have to stand still for some time.

WWE star injured

Dave Meltzer reported today that the storyline was only the brainchild of WWE insiders, but it actually served because Elias suffered an injury that will keep him out for several months. Elias' injury is characterized by a laceration of the pectoral muscle; WWE.com reported the laceration of the pectoral muscle and several broken ribs.

The latter injury is not real and was only part of the plot. Before this injury, Elias had to participate in the semifinal for the Intercontinental title, but WWE excluded him because of the injury. The Drifter has been under contract with WWE since 2014 and has won the 24/7 Championship four times in the federation.

On his WWE debut, his ring name was Elias Samson and he occasionally appeared on the show playing the role of a vagabond musician. Elias has roamed the WWE roster over the years and won his first title on May 28, 2019, when he played R-Truth in Smackdown and conquered the WWE 24/7 Championship.

He is also remembered for a particular challenge in Money in the Bank where he was defeated in a few seconds by Roman Reigns. As Elias, and previously Elias Samson, he portrays a musician who often uses music as a face, to mock his opponents or as a heel, the fans in attendance, although they do chant along when Elias states that "WWE stands for Walk With Elias"

Sciullo began his WWE career on the NXT brand, appearing there from 2014 to 2017 where he developed his "Drifter" ring character. Prior to joining WWE, he worked for various companies on the independent circuit under the names Heavy Metal Jesus and Logan Shulo. In 2018 the album WWE: Walk With Elias was released by the WWE Music Group featuring Sciullo.