AEW Star Kris Statlander on Not Signing with WWE


AEW Star Kris Statlander on Not Signing with WWE
AEW Star Kris Statlander on Not Signing with WWE

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star "The Galaxy's Greatest Alien" Kris Stadtlander spoke about not signing with WWE when she joined Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone on the AEW Unrestricted podcast. She is an ex-stuntwoman and she also spoke about her joining professional wrestling.

"Well, luckily my trainer Brian Myers f.k.a. as Curt Hawkins [was] a big, big help on any sort of extra work that any of the Create-A-Pro people got, anyone in the New York area," Stadtlander revealed. "And Pat formerly a Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) producer as well, he wasn't a producer at that time, but unfortunately, we got to do extra work for all of Mania week.

That was actually the first time Aubrey ever reffed my match."

Kris Stadtlander on Not Signing for WWE

Stadtlander also spoke about her Shimmer match against Allysin Kay. This is where she injured her foot. She still worked with an injured foot at indie events and also some work for WWE.

She also spoke about doing work on Smackdown. "In that match, I don't think you know it, but the moonsault that I gave to AK, I like landed on my toe and probably broke my foot, but I never got it checked out," Stadtlander stated.

"So that was, I think, on a Friday. One of the next days, I had to wrestle three times in one day because Mania week bookings, and then I had to do extra work for Mania and then RAW and SmackDown. "And then for Smackdown, I did two practice matches because there was an odd number of girls, and then I wrestled on TV.

So I wrestled three times with my foot like broken basically, so when you talk about people with work ethic, you talk about me because I have no control OK." Kris Stadtlander is currently one of the top female superstars in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) does not have a very powerful female roster right now as compared to the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but they are still going strong.

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