The Undertaker reveals who will induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame

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The Undertaker reveals who will induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame

The Undertaker is regarded as one of the best wrestlers of the company and of all time. In 2012 the well-known Imagine Games Network (IGN) website ranked him in second place among "The 50 best wrestlers of all time"

In 2013 the British website Digital Spy recognized him as "The greatest WWE superstar of all time", while in 2015 the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph further named him "World's greatest sportsman" sportsman in the world").

The Undertaker on his character

TV Insider recently spoke to WWE Superstar The Undertaker, who discussed taking his character seriously: “It has always been a collaboration. Once Vince had my trust, he kind of let me take this character and tweak it.

When I turned into the American Badass,’ those were big chances I took because I felt the character needed it. The character needed a breath of fresh air. I feel like I took this character very seriously and didn’t it take anywhere I missed or wish I would have done.

I think I’ve taken this character full circle from Mark Calaway to The Undertaker, turning it into the ‘American Badass,’ turning it into ‘The Deadman,’ and back into The Undertaker and Mark Calaway.

It’s full circle where I like where we’re at right now”. On who will induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, The Undertaker said, “I have an idea. I’m going to keep it to myself at this point. I don’t think I have to make a decision any time soon.

I don’t want to give that away because I don’t want him to come up with an excuse not to do it. It was tougher in the beginning because I had to basically break some of my old habits. I have been so closed off and so protective not only of my character and Mark Calaway.

I was protective of the business. So, I had to fight all the natural urges to keep people at arm’s length. There is no way to describe it. There were times early on where the crew would be following me around and the crew would be there.

I would forget they were there and snap at them like, ‘Why are you guys filming me?’ Then I had to remember that they’re supposed to. It has gotten easier as we’ve gone along. I wouldn’t call it cathartic, but it has been useful to me in the sense of putting my own career into perspective and my relationships with people.

It has been very helpful to me. I wouldn’t say I take things for granted, but this is a reminder of how important people are to me”.