Details on WWE Raw and SmackDown after Backlash

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Details on WWE Raw and SmackDown after Backlash

In recent months, WWE has had to put its hand to practically all its calendar of events, from the cancellation of all live events not filmed by the cameras to the movement of its PPVs such as Wrestlemania or Money in the Bank to the Orlando Performance Center, up to to get to all the TV shows and tapings that Vince McMahon's company is recording on the most disparate days of the week, with several matches that are then aired even weeks later.

The last big matches that the Stamford-based company would have recorded well in advance, in fact, would be the final of the tournament for the assignment of the Intercontinental Smackdown title, which aired tonight on the blue show and the match between Edge and Randy Orton of Backlash, which apparently would have been recorded already last Sunday, in over 8 hours of filming, with Vince McMahon who was all the time with breath on the neck of the wrestlers and insiders to put on one of the best matches ever.

Details on WWE Raw and SmackDown after Backlash

After removing Paul Heyman from the guide of Monday Night Raw, with Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon who has now regained command of both WWE's flagship shows Raw and Smackdown, there are new changes insight regarding the recordings as well some tapings TV, which up to last week aired one week live and one week recorded.

Usually, the post-PPV tv shows were in fact recorded before the PPV itself, with the WWE and its crew who were in fact already informed about what would go on stage after the special event. Apparently, according to reports from the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, there would be a lot of changes in sight in WWE, also regarding the backstage aspects.

Apparently, a part of Backlash should go live, while the episodes of the weekly shows of Raw and Smackdown next week, will be recorded together with those of this week. Tomorrow, Sunday 14th June, Monday 15th June and Tuesday 16th June, there are in fact three days of registration for WWE and all its talents, with the federation that should record a PPV and 4 weekly episodes.

The biggest confusion for the WWE crew would be due to the fact that the management wanted to record several matches well in advance, such as those mentioned above or the Backlot Brawl match of NXT TakeOver: In Your House, with the WWE crew who would be very confused and distracted at the moment because of these changes.

Backlash was originally scheduled to take place in Kansas City, Missouri; however, the event had to be moved due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like WWE's other shows since mid-March, Backlash was moved to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, though unlike the previous shows, Backlash was not announced until after the start of the pandemic, which made it WWE's first PPV event to be announced during the pandemic.