Kane speaks about his storylines with The Undertaker

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Kane speaks about his storylines with The Undertaker

Following his debut, Kane became a cornerstone for the company during the Attitude era in the late 1990s and early 2000s, defeating King of the Ring Stone Cold Steve Austin (described as the face of the federation of that period) for the WWF Championship in its first pay-per-view main event.

In 2015, the WWE Triple H executive director called Kane "the constant" for his "always great" performances in the ring during his time in the company. Ric Flair called him the "best in the world. He is also the wrestler with the highest number of pay-per-view appearances in the history of the federation (175).

With the character of Kane, he has won nineteen titles, including three world titles, having held the WWF Championship, the ECW Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. Kane is also a twelve-time couple champion, having held the World Tag Team Championship nine times, once the WCW Tag Team Championship and twice the WWE Tag Team Championship with several companions.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Kane spoke about his storylines with The Undertaker during the Attitude Era.

Kane on his storylines with The Undertaker

“I think it’s the best, most epic storyline that has ever been done.

Really it was almost like you took Greek mythology and put it into wrestling with us. The thing is, everything was moving so quickly and we were so caught up in the moment that we saw it as just doing business and trying to compete with WCW and everyone else on the roster.

It was very internally competitive at the point. You had all of these people really pushing each other to provide the best product that we could, that was the focus. Now, you’re able to take a breath and look back and realize how amazing it is" - Kane explained.

The Undertaker is heavily associated with WWE's flagship annual event, WrestleMania, where he became known for The Streak, a series of 21 straight victories, and he headlined the event on five occasions. He is also known for his pairing with storyline half-brother Kane, with whom he has alternatively feuded or teamed as The Brothers of Destruction since 1997.

With Kane, he held the WWF and WCW World Tag Team Championships during The Invasion storyline. Widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker is a seven-time world heavyweight champion in WWF/E, having held the WWF/E Championship four times and World Heavyweight Championship three times.