Current status of WWE SmackDown hacker storyline

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Current status of WWE SmackDown hacker storyline

One of the characters of the blue Friday Night Smackdown show that have made the most discussions in the last two months, is surely the mysterious hacker whose true identity is not yet known, who in the episode of the blue show before Wrestlemania, revealed to Otis and Mandy Rose, of the catch behind their appointment on Valentine's Day, with the same hacker who then promised new revelations on all WWE athletes, none excluded, since he "is everywhere and hears and sees all."

After his last message released on May 28, the mysterious character seems to have evaporated into thin air, with the Friday Night Smackdown episodes that went as smooth as oil, without any cryptic messages being aired. But why? What happened to that character who remained sitting behind dozens of screens hours to check the WWE Superstars, then threatening to reveal all their secrets?

Current status of WWE SmackDown hacker storyline

According to reports from the well-known American site Ringside News, which spoke with some sources inside the WWE environment, this storyline would not have died or been put aside, but simply the leadership of the federation would have momentarily stopped it, in view of the great changes that Paul Heyman's departure from the scene will lead to the construction of both Raw and Smackdown.

According to the journalist of the well-known site who spoke with his internal source in Stamford, those who know the ending of this storyline would be very reluctant to talk about it, a sign that in WWE there are very few who know where this situation and this plot will go.

At the moment, however, it seems that WWE still has a lot of meat on fire for its "mysterious hacker", who should return at any moment in one of the next episodes of the blue show on Friday evening, with his messages, which for the moment they have not emerged for over two weeks.

The first appearance of the hacker was during the lead up to Wrestlemania 36. The Hacker had exposed Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville’s schemes to keep Otis and Mandy Rose apart. This directly led to Ziggler and Otis facing off at Wrestlemania and Otis standing victorious.

The identity of the Hacker has been a point of conversation for some time now. Many believe that it’s CM Punk who is the Hacker. This goes with the rebellious persona Punk has created for himself in the WWE, since 2011.