WWE Hall of Fame Edge Might be Injured

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WWE Hall of Fame Edge Might be Injured

It was recently reported that WWE Hall of Famer Edge might have suffered a horrible injury at the recent WWE Backlash PPV event. Edge is known as the Rated-R superstar and made his debut during the Ruthless Aggression Era. He is a former WWE Fan and one of the most talented wrestlers in the world right now.

Early in his career, Edge suffered a bad neck injury that made him realize that his time in the world of professional wrestling wouldn’t last long. About 9 years ago, Edge was forced to retire after MRI scans showed that his neck was in a horrible condition.

He had to get triple fusion neck surgery to repair the damage in his neck. However, doctors advised him to quit wrestling for good as he could have ended up paralyzing his entire body had he continued.

WWE Superstar Edge Most Likely Injured

Many people never thought that Edge would ever return to the world of professional wrestling.

He did make his return at the recent Royal Rumble event and shocked the world. After the Royal Rumble event, Edge stated that he is actually going to start his WWE career all over again. Edge then started a feud with Randy Orton which led to a match between them at Wrestlemania 36.

Edge won that match, but their feud did not stop there. Edge and Randy Orton met each other at WWE Backlash again. According to various reports, Edge has probably suffered an injury that may keep out of the ring for 8 months.

Reports suggest that he suffered a torn triceps. This report was released by Fightful. WWE has no released a return date for the Hall of Famer. The injury details were not released by WWE. The finish of the match was also kept a secret, but it was recently leaked.

According to reports, the match lasted around 35 minutes. We do not know whether or not the injury was actually edited out of the entire recording or not. It possibly must have been as we know that the match actually did finish and was halted in the middle.

Randy Orton is Edge’s former tag team parter. Together, they formed Rated-RKO, which was a very competitive tag team. According to Ric Flair, a WWE Legend, Randy Orton is the best superstar that WWE has. Orton has severed the WWE for several years and is still a dedicated full-time superstar.

He has fought some of the best superstars that are in WWE right now and one of the best when it comes to performing consistently.