WWE Star Bobby Lashley on His Dream Match

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WWE Star Bobby Lashley on His Dream Match

Popular WWE star Bobby Lashley spoke about his dream matches during his interview with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling. Lashley is one of the few superstars with a proper fighting background. Lashley is one of the only WWE wrestlers that did well in the world of MMA after joining it.

He fought very well during all of his fights for the MMA promotion called Bellator.

Bobby Lashley Speaks About his Dream Matches

Just like many other superstars, he made his return to the world of professional wrestling after fighting inside an MMA cage.

He fought mild success, but he could not reach the height of Brock Lesnar. Bobby Lashley is also a legitimate amateur wrestler and was involved in some major storylines during the start of the PG era. He is still part of some of the top storylines in WWE and continues to perform at an extremely high level, even though he is no longer a young man.

He also does not have the physique that he used to have in his early WWE days. Lashley has fought some of the best superstars that WWE has. He still hasn’t come face to face with Brock Lesnar in his career. Lashley has indicated that he wanted to face Lesnar in the past.

He also stated that he would like to face The Undertaker inside a WWE ring. The Undertaker is way past his prime, so a match against The Undertaker is probably never going to take place in WWE. "If you ever have the chance to wrestle The Undertaker and you say no, you are out of your freaking mind," Lashley stated.

"There is no way that I would not say The Undertaker, but of course, the Brock match is something that is talked about since the day I started into wrestling. "So I know that it is the match that the fans want, and for me, that is the match that I want too.

Brock has been at the top of the business for so long, and to have us clash, I think the fans would be really interested in that one." Bobby Lashley is all set to face current WWE Champion, Drew Mcintyre in single competition at WWE Backlash.

Drew McIntyre is a very popular superstar in WWE and recently managed to destroy Brock Lesnar to win the WWE title. Drew McIntyre is also one of WWE’s top superstars and is in his second run with the company.