WWE: The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits battle ninjas at Backlash

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WWE: The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits battle ninjas at Backlash

Tonight, in WWE, the highly anticipated PPV Backlash aired from the Orlando Performance Center, which saw two great athletes like Edge and Randy Orton compete in the main event in a match that had been presented as "The best ever"

The card seemed in fact complete for days and full of titled matches, but many had found it strange the absence of a valid match for the couple titles of Monday Night Raw and they had turned up their noses, also given the interest generated by the various curtains who had seen the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders protagonists in the past week.

WWE had finally announced the match between the two teams just the day before the show.

WWE: The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits battle ninjas

During the WWE Backlash, however, we witnessed a strange event. The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders started to beat up for no apparent reason in the backstage, in a mixture of real shots and funny moments in which the same protagonists wondered what was going on.

The 4 athletes then met in the parking lot, where they were joined by a group of ninja bikers, commanded by Akira Tozawa. The Japanese specified that he and his new friends would improve the situation and threw some of his allies against the two teams who, for the occasion, have joined forces to repel the enemy attack.

In a fight worthy of the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films, with some "sci-fi" moments such as the call of Ivar's chicken, the "Viking Profits" got the better of it. At this point, Tozawa, however, presented his trump card, or a ninja of colour and giant, and the four athletes thought it well to retire and run away on a truck.

At this point the alliance quickly broke up, the two couples started fighting again and, in the end, they hit each other, all ending up in a rubbish bin. Referee Jessica Karr went to call the four for their match, but in an even more absurd final moment than all the rest, the Vikings and the couple champions were terrified by a mysterious unframed monster.

After this particular segment, commentators confirmed that the match for the couple titles would not be held. A match that, remember, had been built for months but had been officially announced a few hours before the start of the PPV. The story leaves everyone puzzled, but we hope to have further updates regarding this absurd and funny storyline.