WWE Star Eric Rowan on Not Getting Along with Brodie Lee

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WWE Star Eric Rowan on Not Getting Along with Brodie Lee

WWE Star Eric Rowan recently spoke about not getting along with former WWE superstar Brodie Lee. Brodie Lee was known as Luke Harper in WWE. Eric Rowan and Brodie Lee were part of a group called The Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family was led by Bray Wyatt, who is currently playing The Fiend character.

The Wyatt Family was a very dangerous group in WWE. They no longer work together. Brodie Lee left WWE a while back.

Eric Rowan on Not Getting Along with Brodie Lee

Eric Rowan is now called Eric RedBeard. He was on the "The Lewis Nicholls Show" to talk about his time with Brodie Lee.

He revealed how he didn’t work well with Brodie. "I remember when they signed Harper, I was coming back an ACL injury, and I see another bearded guy, another tall guy," Erick described. "Developmental was still a dog eat dog place.

Everybody had their own competitions. So, when I'm limping in, I see this guy, and I think he said to me [that] I gave him a look. I don't remember doing that, but I think we started off on the wrong foot. "I know there was some animosity because I snore a lot.

So, when we were first roomed together, it wasn't the best. Just the way we wrestled and stuff like that. I think it clashed at first, but then it became a really great mix." Eric trained under the legendary Rotunda family and learned a lot from Bray Wyatt.

That is the reason why Eric is well-known for his work in the Wyatt Family. "It's funny. He's supposed to be like the father figure, yet I and Harper are way older," Erick noted. "He's the younger kid, but as far as learning stuff, I don't think I took advantage of trying to learn as much when I was in developmental from those two and spent more time trying to learn from the coaches.

It wasn't until I got on the main roster and kind of looked around that I started picking everybody's ear, and started caring less about what certain producers would feel and more from the people I got to work [with]”.

Just like many talented WWE Superstars, Eric Rowan started his WWE career at WWE NXT. WWE NXT is still considered the developmental brand but many ex-NXT superstars are not main roster stars.