WWE Legend Shawn Michaels on Original Retirement Plans

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WWE Legend Shawn Michaels on Original Retirement Plans

WWE Legend recently spoke about his original WWE Retirement plans. WWE recently billed Randy Orton vs Edge as "The Greatest Match Ever," Many fans believe that Shawn Michaels fight with The Undertaker, which was Michaels’s last real singles match, was probably the best match of all time.

The match was a Streak vs Career match. The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak was on the line, whereas Michaels’ career was on the line. Michaels lost a previous match against The Undertaker at the WrestleMania event before.

The last time we saw Michaels perform in the ring was at the 2018 Crown Jewel event. He teamed up with Triple H to perform as Degeneration X against the Brothers of Destruction. The end of the Michaels vs The Undertaker match came when The Undertaker tombstoned Michaels for the 3rd time.

Shawn Michaels on the match against The Undertaker

Shawn revealed that they had different plans for the match with The Bleacher Report. "We were just trying to think of something for the end. You sort of think to yourself, like, 'OK, so this isn't the, 'I love you' moment, but we need something here.

What is that?' And again I don't know. I can't recall," said Michaels. "I'll give Michael Hayes the props cause I think it was him, but he just said, 'The end should be one last act of defiance for Shawn Michaels.

A slap in the face.' "We went all the way back to who this character was. They've seen the arc of him having this life-changing experience and coming back a different person. But still, when he goes down, he's going to go down with a little bit of attitude.

A little bit of grit. And when he said it, we all just felt like yeah, that's it. That's it. And of course, Taker comes back and realizes, 'I got to put the dagger in this guy.' "I mean it's just really trying to figure out 'what best defines this guy?' And not just in that moment but this guy overall.

It's the completion. It's the end of the book. It's the end of the movie. It's the end of the story. What rounds out this guy? You know? And it's falling short. It's a heartbreak. It's giving everything that you've got but going down.

Going down with a little bit of defiance, going out in a way that's a little bit hurtful and vulnerable. And it just seemed to work perfectly for what we wanted to accomplish."