Kevin Owens was not at WWE Raw tapings

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Kevin Owens was not at WWE Raw tapings

After the sensational exit of Roman Reigns one step away from his titled match valid for the Universal Championship of Smackdown, which at the time still belonged to Bill Goldberg and after the departure of the scene also of Sami Zayn, with WWE who had to snatch the title of the Intercontinental champion from the hands of the Canadian, and then reassign it through a tournament on the blue show, it would seem that a new great WWE Superstar has abandoned the federation television screens.

Due to the first test that came out positive for the virus that is bringing the whole world to its knees thanks to the ease with which it is transmitted and the malice with which it attacks its "guests", in fact, Kevin Owens seems to have voluntarily left the WWE TV screens, asking the management to be able to stay home after what emerged with the NXT wrestler who was ill.

Apparently, as reported by the well-known overseas website Fightful, the Canadian Monday Night Raw was scheduled for an appearance in the last episode of WWE The Bump, but the athlete would never have appeared in front of the cameras of the secondary broadcast of the McMahon federation.

Owens misses WWE TV tapings

Many initially thought that Kevin Owens was busy with WWE TV tapings, but instead, that wasn't the case either. According to what was declared by the well-known site, in fact: "The people we talked to in WWE have told us that there is no heat towards Owens for what we have heard and it seems that WWE has accepted the athlete's decision with respect.

However, they hope to have him back in the next taping set, even if it is not known what the current status of Owens is." Although Kevin Owens has decided in total autonomy to stay at home skipping the last tapings of Monday Night Raw, it would seem that WWE has accepted this decision, not giving any punishment to the wrestler, always should he return to work on-screen in a short time.

Owens was a one-time NXT Champion, before debuting on the main roster in May 2015. He has since held the Universal Championship once, the Intercontinental Championship twice, and the United States Championship three times. The recent announcement sparked a lot of rumors about which “developmental talent” has contracted the virus.

However, WWE has maintained silence with respect to the name. It has also requested all employees do the same. They have also been asked not to upload the results of their tests on social media.