WWE’s Mustafa Ali reportedly moved to Raw

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WWE’s Mustafa Ali reportedly moved to Raw

After the arrival of AJ Styles in the Smackdown rings, which thus allowed him to take part in the tournament for the assignment of the Intercontinental title made vacant by WWE due to the prolonged absence of Sami Zayn, with the former WWE Champion who also managed to win the final against Daniel Bryan and therefore also the secondary title of the blue show, it seems that WWE has not finished moving its athletes from one roster to another, without using the famous draft.

In the last few hours, in fact, it would seem that Mustafa Ali would have gone from the Friday Night Smackdown roster to that of Monday Night Raw, without the federation making any type of official announcement before this move.

Mustafa Ali reportedly moved to Raw

The athlete who has not been seen in the rings of the blue show for a long time, as reported by the well-known American website PW Insider, would have been translated into that of the red WWE show, at least now his wrestler profile appears between the Raw Superstars on the official WWE website.

At the moment the reasons for this move would not have been released to the press, but it is very likely that the WWE opted for this choice, due to the lack of plans for the boy on Friday Night Smackdown, where we said earlier, is missing from the ring for several weeks.

Many WWE Universe fans and pro-wrestling insiders were sure that behind the famous blue show hacker, who revealed the secret of Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler before Wrestlemania, was Mustafa Ali who, apparently with his move to Raw, may no longer turn out to be the mysterious PC phenomenon.

Although WWE may have canceled the storyline anyway, since we haven't even talked about the hacker for several weeks, the second possible hypothesis is that the hacker now "attacks" Raw's athletes too, with Mustafa Ali who besides being the main initiated behind the cyber attacks, could thus continue to act undisturbed even on Monday Night Raw.

Prior to signing with WWE, Ali worked on the independent circuit after his debut in 2003, while also working as a police officer in a Chicago suburb for four years. In 2016, he competed in the Cruiserweight Classic as a replacement and through his performances, earned a full-time contract with WWE.

He initially worked for their new cruiserweight division as part of the 205 Live brand, but was moved to the SmackDown brand in December 2018. As of June 17, 2020, he is a member of Raw.