Refunds For Nixed WWN Live Events Finally Happening

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Refunds For Nixed WWN Live Events Finally Happening

Refunds for the Nixed WWN Live Events are finally happening. WWN Live Events were going to take place at the Wrestlemania 36 weekend and they were going to compliment the event. Unfortunately, those events could not take place as the pandemic started and nobody could really hold live events during that time.

Many sports events in the world had to be nixed after the pandemic. People were simply not allowed to hold a large gathering to stop the spread of the virus which is turning out to be quite a problem for various countries around the world.

Many countries in the world were forced to completely lock down their countries which basically meant that only essential businesses were allowed to remain open. All Elite Wrestling and WWE are two of the only promotions in the world that could actually operate under the pandemic.

They hold their events these days in empty arenas but are still being received quite well by the fans. WWE even had to hold WrestleMania 36 inside an empty arena this year which surprised many fans. These days, there has been a lot of talk about EVOLVE’s future.

Many people reported that they have yet to receive the canceled WNN event refunds. They were supposed to take place in the Tampa Area. The Tampa Area has been home to many awesome wrestling events in the past and has a huge number of wrestling fans.

Cancelled WWN Live Events are Now Offering Refunds

Sapolsky stated that refunds were actually made this week and the rest will be made within the coming two weeks. "We just got an update from Etix. They've made some refunds.

The rest will be made in the next week or two. They are working on them and everyone will be refunded. My deepest apologies it is taking this long. I'm not going to make any excuses, but I assure you this has been the foremost thing on our minds and we are doing everything we can to get this done as quickly as possible.

I understand if you are angry and upset. You will be made whole if you are owed a refund. Be safe & well," Sapolsky wrote on Twitter, regarding the WWN Live Events. It has been reported that EVOLVE will stop operations.

They will not be hosting any events anymore. It has been noted that WWE has bought the promotion to get access to their tapes.