FOX wasn’t happy with recent WWE SmackDown segment

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FOX wasn’t happy with recent WWE SmackDown segment

In the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Jeff Hardy was subjected to a test by a doctor brought by Sheamus on the WWE show to see if the younger of the Hardy brothers was sober or not, after the accident involving Elias and the car rented by Jeff a few weeks earlier.

According to what Sheamus himself said, Jeff Hardy was to get drunk as usual and would have invested his colleague voluntarily or involuntarily, after having gone completely out because of alcohol. For his part, however, Jeff Hardy exonerated himself by saying that he found some witnesses who seem to have seen a person with a beard and red hair driving Hardy's car and not him.

As reported by us at WorldWrestling, moreover, it seems that WWE has thought to include in the storyline linked already to Jeff Hardy and Sheamus, also the former Intercontinental champion Sami Zayn, who should thus prove to be the mysterious author of the investment of Smackdown.

Apparently, the angle went live in the last episode of the blue show, which would have seen Jeff Hardy throw his own urine in the face of Sheamus, would not have gone down to some executives of the FOX broadcaster, who would have decided to censor the most important part of the segment, by advertising the show.

FOX was not happy about urine segment in WWE

According to what was revealed in one of the latest updates of the Wrestling Observer Radio Show, in fact: "So the SmackDown segment would have aired on the east coast, but not on the west coast.

FOX decreed that the angle violated its standards and practices so they thought they would advertise the show so they wouldn't see it on the west coast." Apparently, throwing urine in the face of a wrestler would have resulted too "raw" for the broadcaster, who would have preferred to remove the angle almost entirely, not letting the fans who followed the event understand what had happened at the end of the event, with several members of the overseas WWE Universe who they had to spill over to the web to find the end of the segment between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus, who had been disrespectful to FOX for his viewers.

As previously noted, WWE did a similar segment in 2006 with Shawn Michaels tossing urine in the face of Vince McMahon. If WWE ever wants to do that type of segment again then it will have to be on Raw because it has been made clear to them that this cannot happen again on FOX.