Rusev recalls his casket match against The Undertaker

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Rusev recalls his casket match against The Undertaker

In the Raw episode of January 13, 2020, Rusev was defeated for the second time by Bobby Lashley. In the January 20th episode of Raw, Rusev and Liv Morgan were defeated by Bobby Lashley and Lana in a Mixed Tag Team match. In the February 17th episode of Raw Rusev and Humberto Carrillo were defeated by Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley.

On April 15th, Rusev was officially released by WWE. During his most recent YouTube video, the former WWE superstar recalled his casket match against The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.

Rusev on his match with The Undertaker

“It was great.

Working with The Undertaker was great. It was another dream come true. I thought it was a rib. I got called into the office by Vince and I don’t remember what we talked about, but Vince said, ‘Miro, I got you working with The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.’ I went, ‘And I’m winning right (laughs).’ That’s exactly what I said because I thought he was joking.

Like, why would I be working with ‘Taker. I know I had the Rusev Day thing going on and they were thinking of turning me into a good guy, whatever, but I never thought I would work ‘Taker. I never thought in Saudi Arabia, so I thought it was a joke.

When I said, ‘I’m going over right,’ Vince looked at me weird and I said, ‘Okay sir, see you next time.’ Then I went out and Road Dogg came to me and said, ‘Why did you act like this?’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean? He’s joking with me.

I’m joking with him.’ He said, ‘No, you’re actually working ‘Taker.’ I thought no freaking way. I felt like such an asshole,” Rusev said. “Then he took me out and everyone was like, ‘Why did they take him out?’ They said they took me out because I commented on Twitter, ‘Bury me softly brother.’ That has nothing to do with anybody being taken in and out or whatever.

I just said that because it was a casket match and I thought in order to win, you need to be buried. That’s why I said bury me softly and everyone took it soooo somewhere, nowhere near this universe what it was supposed to be.

The original idea was that Vince was going to turn me babyface and they did not want me to lose to Undertaker if I was turning into a good guy, which was great. It’s shitty, but it is what it is,” Rusev added.