Rey Mysterio describes his new gear

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Rey Mysterio describes his new gear

Rey Mysterio is a three-time WWE world champion, having won the WWE Championship once and twice the World Heavyweight Championship. He has also won twice the Intercontinental Championship, twice the United States Championship, three times the Cruiserweight Championship, four times the WWE Tag Team Championship (once each with Batista, Edge, Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam) and he also won the 2006 Royal Rumble match was, therefore, the fourteenth wrestler in WWE history to complete the Grand Slam (new format) and the twenty-first to complete the Triple Crown.

Previously, Mysterio was known for his past in the World Championship Wrestling. Coming from a family dedicated to Lucha Libre, Rey Mysterio has always worn a mask in her appearances in WWE, the color of which changes from time to time, and contact lenses combined with the chrome of the dress worn.

Rey Mysterio describes his new gear

Speaking on GalaxyCon's Rock Around the Ring, Rey Mysterio described new gear that he was planning to wear at WrestleMania 36. "It was definitely a scary thought with the whole concept behind that event.

I've been part of many Money in the Banks but this was definitely one of the most intriguing ones. I had no idea what the headquarters looked like and had probably been there maybe twice," said Mysterio. "So I had no idea where I was going or what floor I needed to get off of.

On top of that – the rooftop – and not knowing there was a lower rooftop than the one we were on. At the end of the day, I thank God that it was only a six-foot drop as it could have been much worse. Those are the kind of risks we take all for a briefcase that's hanging at the top of the ring and a chance at the World Title.

I actually had some gear that was lined up for WrestleMania but it didn't come through because right around that time COVID was hitting," stated Mysterio. "I then started feeling sick right before WrestleMania and WWE requested that I stay home in case things got any worse.

So, that made me hold back on the outfit that I was gonna display that night. But the outfit is based on an action figure that was just released in late March. It was the He-Man collection and the Masters of the Universe – the WWE Universe."