Robert Roode reportedly moving to Raw

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Robert Roode reportedly moving to Raw

In recent weeks, WWE seems to have started a silent draft of its Superstars, which would involve one or two athletes a week and that without too much fanfare change membership roster, without any official release from the WWE to announce the thing, as happened in past years.

The last rumors, only in chronological order, to have made this journey on the opposite roster of membership, are according to the latest rumors the two Friday Night Smackdown athletes Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali, who for the moment, however, would not have yet made their debut in the rings on Monday evening.

Apparently, the two will soon be in good company, with WWE planning to draft former Ziggler teammate Robert Roode on the roster of the federation's Monday night show, Monday Night Raw. As reported by the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, WWE is planning the return to its scenes of the federation Canadian, Robert Roode, after the period spent at home due to the pandemic problems, which prevented the athlete from to be able to easily cross the border with the USA, with several other colleagues of the former TNA absolute champion who have thus been forced not to work for all these weeks, not being able to move from Canada to the States.

Singh Brothers and Brock Lesnar, who live as Roode in Canada, would also be staying at home.

Robert Roode reportedly moving to Raw

After the initial openings to the country of North America, with several other Superstars from the maple leaf country who would have managed to cross the border to land at the Performance Center, it would, therefore, seem to be only a matter of time before Robert Roode will also return to show up in the WWE rings, this time, however, on those of Monday Night Raw and no longer on those of Friday Night Smackdown, with WWE which apparently seems to have already prepared special plans for the "Glorious One"

Roode signed with WWE in 2016 and began his career in their development territory NXT, where he was a one-time NXT Champion prior to his main roster call-up. Robert Roode debuted on SmackDown in August 2017, winning the United States Championship in January 2018, his first championship on the main roster.

He transferred to Raw in April and won the Raw Tag Team Championship with partner Chad Gable in December, followed by the 24/7 Championship in May 2019, and another Raw Tag Team Championship with partner Dolph Ziggler in September 2019.